Who We Are?

Wine has been one of the most charismatic gifts that nature has bestowed to humanity, the natural affinity for which has stemmed from its exquisite taste, calming effect, and benefits as far as human imagination can go.

We are Yog Wines and we are proud to present to you a fruitful amalgamation of majestic Indianness to the ever-so-colorful Armenia. Divided by boundaries but united by the taste of great wine, Yog Wines had its humble beginnings in Armenia when an enthusiast decided that she wanted the world to taste the best wine.

We are Yog! Yog Wines have been crafted from handpicked quality grapes that have been cultivated with a dream to produce a unique wine like no other. At Yog Wines, we believe in bringing glasses close and hearts even closer as we march to the bear of our quality grapes. 

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Y o g W i n e s A r m e n i a
Wine Glass

At the same time they happened to work and something great.

Unique Sorts

At the same time they happened to work and something great.

Fine Smell

At the same time they happened to work and something great.

Old Habit

At the same time they happened to work and something great.

About the Wine

More Than Wine

Areni, it is perhaps an unsung ancient variety of grape that entails the true history of winemaking, as it traps every aspect of unique human history. It’s funny that it came into relevance only after one varietal Areni wine was nominated by ‘Bloomberg’ among the ‘Top 10 wines of 2012’ and that too after beating like 4000 wines from all around the globe. Areni finds its way to ‘Armenia’, which is its native place along with another wine-producing nation of ‘Georgia’, which is also regarded as the origin of viticulture. 

This grape variety derives its name from the village ‘Areni’ in the southwestern part of Armenia. The story goes that in the year 2011, a discovery was made in a cave i.e. Areni-1, located above the same village while excavation and people discovered perhaps the oldest known winery there. The analysis of stems and grape seeds there concluded that the winery was at least 6100 years old and by observing how well developed the winery was it was determined that winemaking  began much earlier in the region. 

Traditional winemaking in Armenia was based on ‘karasi’ or clay amphorae, which are used in the fermentation and ageing of the wine. 

Know the Wine Alchemist…

Get to Know Us

The Origin of our Drinks

“I was determined to create wines that I believed in and enjoyed making (of course tasting) that are natural to the culture and heritage of Armenia and combine that with the elegance of Indian hospitality.


I had a successful career, but I left it all behind to pursue my belief in bringing the soul of time to people’s lips. Studying Winemaking  in Armenia was a challenging journey, to be honest, as I was a foreign face, however, my love for the art kept me awake and empowered as I wanted to give something back to this nation and its people.”


Yog Wines is more than just a fancy bottle as it’s the story of a wine lover who went all guns blazing, throwing a successful career and a stable income out of the window to ensure that her vision saw the daylight of reality.


Since Day one, Lobhana has been true to her belief and style that begins with the first grape that is picked and goes along till the last wine that is bottled.


Our Best Wines

Natural Aroma

We Make Wine

Lobhana Ahale

I believe that a winemaker needs to have a gift of intuition and perception to be able to understand a terroir and squeeze out its potential so that the wines reflect their history and have their own story.

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