About Us

Who we are?

Wine has been one of the most charismatic gifts that nature has bestowed to humanity, the natural affinity for which has stemmed from its exquisite taste, calming effect, and benefits as far as human imagination can go. 

We are Yog Wines and we are proud to present to you a fruitful amalgamation of majestic Indianness to the ever-so-colorful Armenia. Divided by boundaries but united by the taste of great wine, Yog Wines had its humble beginnings in Armenia when an enthusiast decided that she wanted the world to taste the best wine.

We are Yog! Yog Wines have been crafted from handpicked quality grapes that have been cultivated with a dream to produce a unique wine like no other. At Yog Wines, we believe in bringing glasses close and hearts even closer as we march to the bear of our quality grapes. 

“Yog has its own destiny..” 

y o g w i n e s a r m e n i a

How do you become the best wine brand? The answer is to be different from the production style to the presentation. We started with a belief to break stereotypes when it comes to winemaking and there’s no limit to what we at Yog Wines have in store for the wine lovers out there! 

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